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leaky_joe"Pond Closure" 6:15pm Monday 5th Jun | message edited 4 times
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from: S. Yorks

Unfortunately, old age and ill health forces me to close our Koi pond. All fish and equipment to go .As far as I know all koi are of Japanese origin, most being from koimasters in Barnsley, either boughr directly from him or ones we've grown from his fry.

They've been our pets and friends for a number of years, so we'll be sorry to see them go, but for their wellbeing, its time to let them go.

We're open to sensible offers.

All fish sold
Louie doodle"RE: Pond Closure" 6:04pm Tuesday 6th Jun
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Hi whereabouts are you located please and what equipment do you have?
leaky_joe"RE: Pond Closure" 6:53pm Tuesday 6th Jun
joined: 2nd Mar 09
last here: 4:58pm Friday 2nd Feb
posts: 55
from: S. Yorks

hi, we're in Penistone, South Yorkshire. No fancy equipment, there's an 80 watt 1000 gal/hour pump, skimmer with 40 watt pump, 50 watt U.V and Hilea air pump. I also have a Superfish Alu40,000 UV which needs a new tube. The filter is a homemade E.R.I.C which has kept the pond clear and disease free for the last 12 years I also have a Superfish 2000 gal per hour pump and various valves pipework.

Obviously the fish need to go first.

Hope this helps

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