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Pond Closure leaky_joe 6:15pm Monday 5th Jun [open all]
RE: Pond Closure Louie doodle 6:04pm Tuesday 6th Jun
RE: Pond Closure leaky_joe 6:53pm Tuesday 6th Jun

leaky_joe"RE: Pond Closure" 6:53pm Tuesday 6th Jun
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from: S. Yorks

hi, we're in Penistone, South Yorkshire. No fancy equipment, there's an 80 watt 1000 gal/hour pump, skimmer with 40 watt pump, 50 watt U.V and Hilea air pump. I also have a Superfish Alu40,000 UV which needs a new tube. The filter is a homemade E.R.I.C which has kept the pond clear and disease free for the last 12 years I also have a Superfish 2000 gal per hour pump and various valves pipework.

Obviously the fish need to go first.

Hope this helps

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