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deano"Pond update " 4:09pm Saturday 20th Jan
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Just fort I would put a link up to my u tube so you can all seeb the how the pond has got on im no u tuber jyst a few vids i will out up wgen the pinds in full swing.and the 3 fish I got from craig blaymire. the fish are doing good I only have them 3 koi but looking forward to spring to get a few more.still lots to do around the pond and in the filter house the pond is 6000 gal 4" spindrifter drain draco 25 and midi bio with helex 13 and burtons bio flo+ and 2 ea air pumps and ea uv. Thanks every one for the advice and replying to my questions.

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"RE: Pond update" 8:53am Sunday 21st Jan

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Well done Dean ,keep them coming.

Click the link below for YORKSHIRE KOI SOCIETY YouTube we will be regularly making short videos

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