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New guy"Advice / experiences " 3:37pm Friday 10th Nov
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Any advice or prior experiences in repairing a cracked fibre glass pond floor ..... I have a fibre glassed pond and have found the floor cracked (this seems to be due to ground water under the floor i am thinking of aquacote to temp fix the crack but then would look at installing a butyl rubber liner next spring/summer ! The thinking is with it being flexible it would combat any future problems with ground water under the floor. Has anyone got any experience of bonding this to fibreglass as the pond i have has 4 windows in it and thinking would be very difficult to retro fit ? Im thinking like tanking this so far up the walls but would need a great seal because of it being under the water line ? Or is there any other fix anyone could suggest ? All help advice greatfully accepted. Pond Size is 45,000 lts 18m x 3m

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"RE: Advice / experiences" 6:19pm Saturday 11th Nov

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I reckon the best option would be to dig a pit by the side of the pond lower than the base and put a sump pump in that. I will be honest once your pond is full of water pushing down on the base that keeps water at bay, I would be more worried that your base is potentially cracking due to the weight of water and it not being substantial enough…


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