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"Koi appreciation from the YKS archive" 11:16pm Thursday 3rd Aug

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Koi appreciation from the YKS archive by Allan Tait

Which sanke is or will be a better long term project.
A. Is a female, having female body shape, so I would expect most of the members to vote for
this fish.
B. Is male and is limited to what its future may hold.
The weakness in A lies in the colour quality and body shape possibly due to bone structure
and rearing techniques.
The strength of the male is its very good slow taper to the body, the cigar shape we look for, it
stays thick to the tail area.
The head is wider on the male, not so pointed, this contributes to a better overall impression,
saying all this the male has a lot to do to be anything, where as the female has little to do to be
nothing more than a pond fish.
So A. Has confirmation issues, the head appears too small for the body in terms of proportion
and shape.
B. has a well proportioned head to body ratio
I prefer the beni type on a fish A, being softer in texture than fish B, but both have weaknesses
in their beni, fish A appears weak in the middle of the fish, but fish B appears weak at the last
hi pattern.
The sumi of the fish B Is stronger and placement is very good, the sumi on A Looks good but
needs more time to develop but without more information regarding bloodline we can only
guess it will improve.
The white skin on fish A. appears to be very good, it appears to have good lustre.
The white skin is not so good on fish B but I think this could be improved.
Overall with the right care I believe fish B will have more long term future.
Fish A has body confirmation issues.

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