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A big welcome to KevT 14TB 5:57pm Tuesday 4th Jan [open all]
RE: A big welcome to KevT KevT 7:31pm Today
RE: A big welcome to KevT KevT 7:31pm Today
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RE: A big welcome to KevT 14TB 11:31pm Today
RE: A big welcome to KevT KevT 7:18pm Tuesday 18th Jan

KevT"RE: A big welcome to KevT" 7:31pm Today
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Hi All

Happy New Year - been keeping koi for many years with a 10 year break before getting back into the hobby 3 years ago . Made the mistake of building a small 3 x 6 x 3 foot raised sleeper pond and realised that the pressure filter and the whole thing was a waste of time and money

Fish grew okay for the 1st summer and I realised the pond was not right and the maintenance was over the top.

New pond in 10 foot x 10 foot and 4 foot deep / bottom drain / easypod and 2 x showers + surface skimmer + veg filter. Fish have grown well and the pond has settled down apart from one out break of flukes 1st season which happened after the fish moved into the new pond - could have been stress moving into their new home. I tried to keep as much of the old ponds water and filter media, but moving fish is always stressful for them

Really looking forward to getting the covers off and watching the fish in the Spring / Summer

Looking forward to discussing things and offering advice when needed as I have learnt a lot over the years and always ready to learn something new


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