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Flukes Graham 3:06pm Monday 29th Aug [open all]
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Graham"Flukes" 3:06pm Monday 29th Aug
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Hi Guys, Bit of advice really. Just had a massive infestation of flukes ( my fish not me ) both skin and gill types. First tried ALPARAX NO EFFECT, PP very little affect. whilst waiting between different treatments and water changes have lost several fish. Finally used LERNEX GOOD RESULT ( at a cost of £200 for two treatments 7000 galls ) My question is has anyone used LERNEX AND SALT TOGETHER.
Another thing is my pond is mostly covered roof and sides ,not put any new fish in for a couple of years . My theory is the fluke out break can only be caused by slugs and snails dropping in the pond as I have been told by several dealers they carry flukes. I thought the salt content would (0.3% ) keep them out. but does it mix well with lernex or not.
Any thoughts anyone.

Graham javascript:smile('')

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