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Advice please eagleowl007 9:23pm Wednesday 17th Jun [open all]
RE: Advice please RoyH 11:35am Thursday 18th Jun
RE: Advice please eagleowl007 9:01pm Thursday 18th Jun

eagleowl007"Advice please" 9:23pm Wednesday 17th Jun
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I had had a large Chag for a while and it Occasionally floats on the top and it finds it hard getting to the bottom, It try’s to go down then the tail Sticks out of the water, It feeds really Well.

I have just had Trich and treated with PP and all is well with most fish feeding and getting back to normal but I have notice in the last few days a couple of other koi doing simpilar actions to the chag.
Any ideas please.
The water Perimeter are all good,


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