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Roy's bonsai tips May YKS archive 14TB 3:37pm Thursday 11th May [open all]
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"Roy's bonsai tips May YKS archive" 3:37pm Thursday 11th May

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Roy's bonsai tips for May from the YKS archive

Roy has found the following tips which he would just like to share with club members Roy would
also like to make the following comment
"Can I add that the Bonsai tips section is not all my own work & that I cant credit the original
author as I do not know who it was.
The tips are from some information sheets I have had for many years & which I have altered / added
to as new practices come along"
ROY Hicks
Most deciduous trees should have come into leaf by now and the new candles on pines should be sprouting
fast. Continue with the feeding of established trees. Trees still under shelter that were repotted in late February or early March may now be taken out. Watch specimens still in the greenhouse carefully to ensure
that they do not dry out completely during very warm spells. Also ensure that the vents in the greenhouse
are operating properly and that the temperature in the greenhouse does not rise too high on warm sunny
This is probably the last opportunity for sowing seeds. Seeds sown after the end of May will probably not
germinate well. Continue to strike cuttings of evergreen trees.
Start air-layering deciduous trees from the middle of May right through to the end of July. Continue air layering evergreen trees.
All your trees should now be growing vigorously. Regular watering once a day (preferably in the evening)
will be quite essential
Long shoots of deciduous trees should be pinched back using the thumb and forefinger. Late spring frosts
during this month can badly damage the young leaves of deciduous trees especially the Red maples. Leaves
that suffer frost damage will be disfigured for the rest of the year unless of course leaf pruning is performed
on the trees, If frost is forecast, place the trees which you wish to protect in the greenhouse.

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