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a short video 14TB 12:10am Monday 10th Apr [open all]
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Not sure how many Steven probably far too many, have a lot more than in the video.

Collected over a few years, Ray Cauldwell of Accrington bonsai society has had a hand in four of them. Ray is a very helpful enthusiast who has done talks and demos at the Yorkshire Koi society.

Have purchased some from hobbyists, a couple from John Handby.

Pines from Stephen and Anthony at Wakai Trees who are members of the YKS.

Am currently growing lots of saplings and cuttings who knows how they will turn out.

Favourites are larch as I find them easy to grow saplings and cuttings .

I do not really know what I am doing, but here is pics of my favourite which is all my own work. Sure bonsai purists would not like it much but I do.Lol

Click the link below for YORKSHIRE KOI SOCIETY YouTube we will be regularly making short videos

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