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Diesel costs and cheapest supplier 14TB 10:17am Wednesday 29th Mar [open all]
142.9 Diesel cheapest supplier 14TB 9:23pm Wednesday 5th Apr
Diesel costs £1.04 litre 14TB 9:46am Friday 5th May
Taken a long time for cma to wake up 14TB 12:08am Tuesday 4th Jul
RE: Taken a long time for cma to wake up 14TB 11:09pm Monday 4th Dec


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"Diesel costs £1.04 litre" 9:46am Friday 5th May

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Diesel costs £1.04 litre, we are still being robbed.

Diesel car drivers are being overcharged by £9 a tank every time they fill up, the RAC has today warned.

The motoring group explained how diesel remains at least 16p more expensive than it should be, despite falling wholesale costs.

Diesel was 6p a litre cheaper than petrol on the wholesale market at the end of last month.

But the price for a litre of diesel at the pumps cost drivers an average of 159.43p, while petrol was unchanged at 146.5p.

A litre of wholesale diesel cost 104.88p on April 28, down 9p in the month, and unleaded was 111.25p, down 6p.

The RAC believes drivers should really be paying around 143p “at the very most” for a litre of diesel, which would save drivers a staggering £9 a tank.

The driving organisation notes how prices are lower in Northern Ireland, where diesel averages 147.47p.

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