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"What is missing in Japan?" 5:05pm Sunday 8th Mar

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What is missing in Japan?

The pictures above are three that I choose at random from my photos of Japan.

All are major Japanese tourist areas, what is s missing?

The answer is the thing that was in abundance on my return to the uk in the airport and all the way home.

That is litter everywhere that you look. It is very rare to see even one piece of litter in Japan.

When I was out and about with the Suetsugu family in Japan .The father Koji just pointed at a small cocktail stick on the floor and his very young son Kota just picked it up (kota had not dropped it).

What a great way to live your life with respect to your surroundings.

As a young employee I was taught do not walk past it ,pick it up. Now it seems to be just dump it anywhere.

Hope to see the Suetsugu family in England later this year ,it will be embarrassing the litter they will see.



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"RE: What is missing in Japan?" 9:39am Monday 9th Mar

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very true Tony, this country is an absolute disgrace, every layby on every road is littered with rubbish & the towns & city's spend a fortune clearing rubbish up.

if you forget your history, you will repeat your mistakes, RoyH

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