Site Usage Terms and Conditions

1. Strictly, only one user account per person, failure to comply will result in suspension from the forum.

2. Language must be family friendly.

3. Dealers (and any other business) CANNOT recommend themselves, or
refer to their pricing, on the Chat forum. No post, either New Topic,
or Reply, can be commercially orientated towards the poster.

4. Dealers (and any other business) CAN recommend products and 3rd
Party services on the Chat forum, providing they are not personally or
Commercially related.

5. Ads on the "For sale/Wanted/Dealer Ads" forum must be koi hobby related.

6. Only dealers (and other businesses) who have paid for an ad on the home page may advertise their goods and services with New Topics in the "For sale/Wanted/Dealer Ads" forum

7. Only dealers (and other businesses) who have paid for an ad may post commercially orientated replies in the "For sale/Wanted/Dealer Ads" forum.

8. No member, either dealer or hobbyist, may advertise a fish on this forum if they have at any time advertised the same fish on eBay. Any such posts will be removed.

9. No member may display any banner or url to any commercial site, members may only have a KOI RELATED url to a personal website.

10. Members who are members of other koi clubs may have a banner showing their koi club as part of their signature.

11. The moderators reserve the right to suspend accounts, or delete posts, at their discretion.

12. Posting must, at all times, be respectful. Any forum member deemed by the moderators to be abusing another forum member in any way by personal abusive comments etc will not be tolerated & will have their forum membership suspended.

13. The Yorkshire Koi Society takes no responsibility for any posts made on this forum. Also that the YKS / we take no responsibility for any sales / transactions done through this web site by its advertisers or individuals.

No 14.
User names with a commercial link / references are not permitted unless the applicant has taken out an advertising banner.

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Disclaimer: -

Please note that the Yorkshire Koi Society accepts no responsibility for any transactions that take place due to contacts being made on this web site, i.e. work being carried out through mutual agreement or any sale of goods that take place through web site contacts. This also applies regarding treatments / chemicals that may be administered to ponds / koi etc where problems may occur as a result of advice received on this web site.


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