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YEAR END pauland sue 10:13am Thursday 26th Nov
posting pics JIMMY/S 8:23pm Friday 2nd Oct
forthcoming events 2016 pauland sue 3:58pm Monday 31st Aug
LIST OF EVENTS FOR 2015 pauland sue 1:03pm Monday 24th Nov
magazine big-uggy 7:02pm Yesterday
New Drum Filter purchase Bigal6663 7:22pm Thursday 19th Nov
pond idea….. Czar 2:03pm Wednesday 25th Nov
Supertab (part 2) mick 8:33am Monday 16th Nov
Christmas dinner (Please read) JIMMY/S 11:00pm Sunday 22nd Nov
What's the diference nobby 3:09pm Wednesday 18th Nov
Showa JIMMY/S 5:16pm Wednesday 18th Nov
pond temps nobby 11:24am Wednesday 11th Nov
What variety ? koimasters 1:36pm Friday 13th Nov
POND VISIT pauland sue 11:55am Tuesday 17th Nov
Novembers meeting JIMMY/S 7:08pm Sunday 15th Nov

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 7:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
crystal bio pauland sue 4:16pm Thursday 26th Nov
Polytunnel pat27 1:15pm Sunday 22nd Nov
ultra sieve 3 and various rubber connect dave23869 12:35pm Wednesday 25th Nov
Koi for sale AnthonyG 6:19pm Today
Eazy pos for sale TonKoi 6:13pm Wednesday 11th Nov
Many Pond supplies on my Ebay Sam 9:09am Tuesday 17th Nov
Serious koi hobbist's Christmas present. 14TB 12:08am Wednesday 18th Nov
Crystal bio fee 4:56pm Sunday 8th Nov
microscope boroboy 9:19pm Friday 25th Sep
Wanted Delta UV chambkan 6:00am Monday 12th Oct
pipes /valves deano 11:44am Sunday 15th Nov
wanted k1 media andrewgoodison 5:38pm Thursday 12th Nov
All fish, filter, lamps must go H.Walsh 9:48am Monday 9th Nov

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 2:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 2:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
4th Ogata Auction Dock Koi 11:41am Yesterday
Autumn Harvest Dock Koi 11:19am Yesterday
Autumn harvest koi viewing next sat/sun koimasters 2:18pm Sunday 22nd Nov
Autumn Harvest koi plus 3:15pm Thursday 19th Nov
Autumn Harvest koi plus 11:39am Sunday 18th Oct
Okawa Shiro Utsuri Coastal 9:06pm Wednesday 18th Nov
Some of our Purchases Coastal 8:45pm Wednesday 18th Nov
Where are the dealer updates? 14TB 11:52pm Tuesday 17th Nov
Arrived in japan koimasters 10:05am Monday 2nd Nov
Next Japan visit. koimasters 2:10pm Today
Ogata Auction Coastal 7:08pm Sunday 1st Nov
It's that time of year again Japan calli Coastal 6:46pm Monday 26th Oct
Saki Hikari Pure white 5KG code 17/01 koimasters 9:19am Friday 25th Sep

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 7:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
CLEGBO KITCHENS koimasters 4:18pm Thursday 11th Jun
Snow Lofty58 5:55am Saturday 21st Nov
Wembley 14TB 11:42pm Tuesday 17th Nov
Paris 14TB 12:19am Sunday 15th Nov
Very funny JIMMY/S 2:44pm Saturday 7th Nov
temps big-uggy 8:17pm Sunday 8th Nov
chris tarrent great railway journeys dkoi1111 12:13pm Friday 23rd Oct
red kite poisoning 2014 RoyH 7:45am Sunday 25th Oct
Rats JIMMY/S 9:20pm Tuesday 22nd Sep
When is a Porch not a Porch? koimasters 7:21pm Monday 5th Oct
Loftys kitchen Lofty58 3:33pm Saturday 3rd Oct
Sad news Ferrybridge 14TB 5:13pm Wednesday 20th May
THE GENEROUS MR MASTERS clegbo 6:51pm Wednesday 8th Jul
Forum Use crell 6:44pm Monday 11th May

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