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forthcoming events 2016 pauland sue 4:58pm Monday 31st Aug
LIST OF EVENTS FOR 2015 pauland sue 1:03pm Monday 24th Nov
REQUEST TO ALL pauland sue 6:19pm Friday 27th Feb
Koi Show dates 2015 sid49 6:28pm Saturday 24th Jan
Pp muff57 1:05pm Today
P1 or A1 the boy 9:45pm Yesterday
new quarantine/grow on pond sid49 9:35am Tuesday 1st Sep
Drum Filters JIMMY/S 1:27pm Sunday 30th Aug
I have left the hobby tancho showa 8:12pm Wednesday 2nd Sep
khv in kippax bgledhill 2:54pm Wednesday 2nd Sep
Johns celebration pauland sue 9:05am Sunday 30th Aug
August Newsletter tonyw 3:49pm Monday 31st Aug
air source heat pump paul76050 9:41pm Tuesday 18th Aug
koi today nobby 9:17am Monday 24th Aug
Spigot tray fee 9:10pm Saturday 29th Aug

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 8:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
Roto shower fee 8:48pm Today
Ueno Kindai showa for sale. charlie-chag 3:35pm Yesterday
Multibay Filter doitsochagoi 5:50pm Wednesday 2nd Sep
purifiers pauland sue 4:31pm Sunday 23rd Aug
wanted koi bowl craig b 10:42am Sunday 30th Aug
wanted second hand K1 andrewgoodison 7:46pm Thursday 20th Aug
3Kw Elecro heater kcolly 3:35pm Friday 21st Aug
Wanted Blue Eco 240 pump dic4mac 1:22pm Saturday 29th Aug
Quality koi ben 10:03pm Wednesday 26th Aug
Air Pump BarryD 3:49pm Tuesday 25th Aug
secho els 150 airpump with new parts dave23869 2:48pm Thursday 27th Aug
For sale... ultra sieve 3 Andyles 12:14pm Wednesday 26th Aug
Wanted floating pond skimmer matthewmorgan 9:11am Saturday 22nd Aug

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 3:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 3:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Ideal for growing on.£10 koimasters 11:53am Wednesday 2nd Sep
Eric 3 for sale JFK 7:51pm Yesterday
Still some fish to go JFK 7:50pm Yesterday
Fujizakura and Shori short code bargains koimasters 3:30pm Monday 27th Jul
Hikari Friend 10KG medium pellet £35. koimasters 10:10pm Tuesday 23rd Jun
Showa Eggs. koimasters 10:09am Saturday 18th Jul
6" Japanese koi 10 for £80 JFK 9:53am Sunday 19th Jul
Closing down sale at jfk JFK 5:30am Wednesday 10th Jun
quarantine vats and filters for sale brian/angel koi 9:50am Sunday 19th Apr
new shipment at angel koi brian/angel koi 9:02pm Tuesday 14th Jul
Selection of NATURAL feeds koimasters 7:53pm Wednesday 15th Apr
Dry goods at cost and fish at half price JFK 6:48pm Monday 22nd Jun
BIG EVENT - Sunday 5th July oakskoifarmyks 2:03pm Friday 19th Jun

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 8:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
CLEGBO KITCHENS koimasters 5:18pm Thursday 11th Jun
TB14 - ANOTHER VIRUS!!! koiboi 10:17am Tuesday 1st Sep
Sad news Ferrybridge 14TB 6:13pm Wednesday 20th May
Leeds utd what do you think? craig b 8:54am Today
chris master visit andikoi 8:00pm Saturday 18th Jul
Nick Dodsworth?dodswell koimasters 3:14pm Wednesday 15th Jul
THE GENEROUS MR MASTERS clegbo 7:51pm Wednesday 8th Jul
Best wishes 14TB 10:45pm Wednesday 1st Jul
Fao CarlingChris. charlie-chag 11:20pm Wednesday 1st Jul
Fire risk!!!!!!!!!! 14TB 10:50pm Wednesday 1st Jul
Footballs going mad 14TB 9:24pm Friday 29th May
magic weekend pauland sue 1:13pm Sunday 31st May
Cup final 14TB 7:53pm Saturday 30th May
shed builder? 14TB 11:37pm Tuesday 21st Apr

6 members here now - Markw10172, koiboy01, sodgob, dave23869, mojothefish, andikoi

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