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LIST OF EVENTS FOR 2015 pauland sue 1:03pm Monday 24th Nov
YKS Photo Show 2015 sid49 7:39pm Tuesday 26th Aug
quarantine/holding tank piddledribble 7:52pm Yesterday
Profi pond heaters Alamo 4:29pm Yesterday
Koi Pics Terry 7:33pm Monday 24th Nov
Micro k1 media andrewgoodison 5:22pm Yesterday
new guy pauland sue 11:54am Thursday 27th Nov
hoping this will be the latest addition dannylinton1471 5:57pm Tuesday 25th Nov
Grow on tank fee 8:35pm Wednesday 26th Nov
Polygeyser sanketyke 1:17pm Sunday 23rd Nov
carplets Mick1912 11:37am Wednesday 26th Nov
new member piddledribble 9:18am Wednesday 26th Nov
Advice. Shutting down a filter system Mick1912 11:31am Wednesday 26th Nov
help dave23869 9:45am Sunday 23rd Nov
Xmas dinner pauland sue 6:33pm Sunday 23rd Nov

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 7:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
Tancho Happy chappy 8:59pm Thursday 27th Nov
wanted new ozone generater 12 grams Littleemma 11:36am Yesterday
HQ Marudo Kohaku crell 5:13pm Monday 24th Nov
Aquosis pond cover watty 11:13am Tuesday 25th Nov
Sanke (Ikarashi Kazuto) crell 1:37pm Sunday 23rd Nov
koi waterlife ps2 shower dave23869 9:05pm Saturday 22nd Nov
microscope for sale tonyw 5:04pm Saturday 15th Nov
Heating System for sale peanut 2:56pm Wednesday 9th Jul
koi for sale watty 1:03pm Thursday 20th Nov
Aquosis cover greysg 7:32pm Tuesday 4th Nov
still for sale open to sensibles offers peanut 11:16am Saturday 18th Oct
Ogata Koi 4 sale fridgeman 11:12am Sunday 19th Oct
Koi for sale Toffiekoi 8:36am Wednesday 12th Nov

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 2:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 2:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Black Friday,Sunday at Koi Polloi. mark/kp 1:19pm Monday 24th Nov
New Filter System! S&C Koi 12:38pm Sunday 16th Nov
Ogata and Suetsugu Koi have arrived koimasters 12:20pm Monday 24th Nov
Koimasters - last few days in Japan koimasters 8:08pm Monday 17th Nov
Ogata Koi arriving Sunday 23/11/14 Dock Koi 8:57am Friday 21st Nov
Koimasters in Japan - Ueno Koi Farm koimasters 9:12am Friday 14th Nov
Show Quality Goromo Coastal 12:41pm Sunday 16th Nov
Ogata Auction Koi Coastal 12:41pm Tuesday 4th Nov
Autumn Harvest Sample Selection Coastal 12:36pm Sunday 16th Nov
Koimasters in Japan koimasters 3:35pm Tuesday 4th Nov
Last few Japanese koi JFK 2:59pm Saturday 11th Oct
Koi selections so far koimasters 12:03am Tuesday 4th Nov
Autumn Harvest Coastal 9:26am Tuesday 4th Nov

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 7:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Paypal scam Davep 6:35pm Wednesday 26th Nov
season goes from bad to worse 14TB 8:20pm Sunday 23rd Nov
Me & Big Uggy gazza 6:48pm Saturday 22nd Nov
england v scotland score predictions sheepdogmax 4:48pm Tuesday 18th Nov
Proper Derby jackh 12:03pm Tuesday 11th Nov
what a difference big-uggy 9:23am Saturday 1st Nov
4 Nations JIMMY/S 8:50pm Monday 3rd Nov
We'll done barnsley koimasters 7:22pm Saturday 1st Nov
Well done Newcastle 14TB 8:55am Thursday 30th Oct
arrogance pauland sue 1:16pm Sunday 2nd Nov
nat geographic wild big-uggy 10:58pm Monday 22nd Sep
Whats the weather like? 14TB 7:09pm Monday 13th Oct
ANOTHER SCAM chagoi 05 8:14am Wednesday 8th Oct
Wrong again? big-uggy 8:04pm Wednesday 13th Aug

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