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2014 open koi shows RoyH 8:06am Wednesday 13th Aug
S and C Koi Announcement sid49 4:23pm Wednesday 23rd Jul
Membership Renewal sid49 7:43pm Monday 2nd Jun
liverpool exchange john 8:24am Today
YKS Club Activities and Membership sid49 8:30pm Monday 14th Apr
I have a problem mojothefish 7:45pm Wednesday 13th Aug
Main Pond Fish dankoi01 9:01am Yesterday
latest bits of tinkering daz.h 11:36am Yesterday
Pond heater problem the boy 2:10pm Sunday 17th Aug
taking photos nobby 2:00pm Monday 18th Aug
gazza's new pond big-uggy 11:01am Saturday 16th Aug
QT drain blocked JIMMY/S 9:35pm Thursday 14th Aug
kathsi big-uggy 8:18pm Sunday 17th Aug
K1 micro conversion watty 9:36am Saturday 9th Aug
water loss big-uggy 3:11pm Saturday 9th Aug

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 8:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
Ball Valves sodgob 4:06am Today
ultra sieve 3 Lofty58 8:56pm Yesterday
Pond Equipment for sale BarryD 11:15pm Wednesday 13th Aug
Hailea 12000 & Superfish 8000 for sale muttley71 9:03pm Monday 18th Aug
60,000 BTU heat exchanger for sale. finkoi 5:50pm Tuesday 22nd Jul
Jap Koi for sale brek 3:10pm Sunday 17th Aug
Pro Clear 55w UV £40 James Pond 11:39pm Monday 18th Aug
Pond closure Sheffield - Koi for sale feelinsupersonic 6:53pm Monday 7th Jul
Looking for a Tancho dankoi01 1:41pm Monday 28th Jul
2 fish for sale tucker81 4:28pm Thursday 7th Aug
Gin Rin Ochiba. charlie-chag 8:31pm Saturday 16th Aug
Koi For Sale bazkoi 9:08pm Sunday 10th Aug
wanted EA uv obolisk0 6:20pm Sunday 17th Aug

Dealer Ads
S and C Koi Announcement sid49 4:25pm Wednesday 23rd Jul
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 3:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 3:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
August Bank Holiday Weekend. mark/kp 9:12pm Yesterday
Hikari Silkworm selects koimasters 11:59am Wednesday 13th Aug
closing down sale teesside koi 9:45pm Thursday 14th Aug
******Summer Specials******** S&C Koi 10:52am Thursday 31st Jul
It rained....! Queni-koi 11:08pm Sunday 10th Aug
FREE BBQ SUNDAY 10/8/14 Dock Koi 10:49am Wednesday 6th Aug
Queni-Koi Facebook Queni-koi 12:44am Thursday 17th Jul
Sera Koi food koimasters 9:26pm Monday 4th Aug
koimasters 14TB 11:42pm Thursday 31st Jul
Birthday Bash Sunday. mark/kp 7:38am Thursday 31st Jul
Another easypod JFK 5:40pm Thursday 24th Jul
SAKI HIKARI - Back In Stock. Queni-koi 7:39pm Thursday 31st Jul

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 8:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
interesting start to the football season 14TB 7:18pm Saturday 16th Aug
Wrong again? big-uggy 9:04pm Wednesday 13th Aug
jimmy shaw obolisk0 5:54pm Saturday 16th Aug
Wembley here we come JIMMY/S 11:21pm Sunday 10th Aug
nobby annette12 4:28pm Friday 15th Aug
One way to thin out your collection ! koiboi 1:18pm Wednesday 6th Aug
how to peel a banana RoyH 5:38pm Saturday 2nd Aug
Bad day at work today TonKoi 12:35am Friday 1st Aug
John & Jane TonKoi 6:37pm Monday 28th Jul
Tam-Chagoi 05 crell 1:01pm Tuesday 8th Jul
KOI SCAM WARNING koiboi 6:19pm Saturday 5th Jul
So That's What a Brazilian Blowout Is!!! Ceresia 9:04am Wednesday 9th Jul
GYS 14TB 11:43pm Wednesday 9th Jul
Pond theft chambkan 8:58am Monday 30th Jun

4 members here now - JFK, deddog, koimasters, mark/kp

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