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2018 YKS Photoshow JIMMY/S 10:13pm Tuesday 20th Feb
BBQ pauland sue 1:44pm Saturday 24th Mar
Summer visit pauland sue 1:09pm Friday 1st Dec
FIRST SUPPER pauland sue 12:40pm Sunday 12th Nov
Day Away pauland sue 12:56pm Friday 5th Jan
Winter meetings JIMMY/S 4:44pm Saturday 4th Nov
posting pics JIMMY/S 9:23pm Friday 2nd Oct
Feeding Saki Hikari Balance Birtyboy 8:41pm Wednesday 18th Apr
Possible problem kensmith 7:04pm Wednesday 11th Apr
Bakki shower bobm 3:00pm Yesterday
Suetsugu kohaku 14TB 10:39pm Sunday 15th Apr
pond pauland sue 12:17pm Sunday 22nd Apr
Jump screens bobm 8:05pm Sunday 22nd Apr
Morning treat kcolly 6:51am Monday 23rd Apr
They’re off!! kcolly 4:40pm Saturday 21st Apr

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 8:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
wanted microscope introubleagain 7:18pm Monday 23rd Apr
Various items for sale TigerSteve 11:15pm Monday 23rd Apr
Ogata Shiro Utsuri crell 7:24am Today
Anyone need any Flubenol 5% dave23869 12:44pm Yesterday
Closing my pond Geoff 2:51pm Tuesday 17th Apr
HQ Koi for sale crell 7:50am Yesterday
Marudo Chagoi 62cm for sale AnthonyG 8:17pm Wednesday 18th Apr
2kw and 3kw elecro heaters for sale matthewmorgan 12:52pm Tuesday 24th Apr
Virkon Aquatic JIMMY/S 11:14pm Monday 16th Apr
ASHP for sale buster1 7:45am Friday 13th Apr
Tancho kohaku for sale Knutton01 2:42pm Sunday 15th Apr
Compact sieve introubleagain 8:36am Friday 13th Apr
koi for sale koimelvyn 5:48pm Wednesday 18th Apr

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 3:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 3:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Koi now cleared QT kitsu 8:25pm Tuesday 24th Apr
another shipment at angel koi brian/angel koi 3:49pm Yesterday
Shintaro Sanke Grow and Show 2018 kitsu 10:27am Wednesday 14th Feb
Colombo Morenicol Koi Pond Treatments kitsu 8:36pm Saturday 14th Apr
new shipment has arrived. koimasters 7:21pm Saturday 7th Apr
Latest shipment koimasters 7:46pm Monday 2nd Apr
March Shipment kitsu 3:58pm Saturday 24th Mar
angel koi new shipment brian/angel koi 2:08pm Saturday 31st Mar
New Koi Added to the website kitsu 5:57pm Sunday 18th Mar
When are Dock koi and Coastal? 14TB 9:57pm Sunday 11th Mar
new shipments at angel koi brian/angel koi 2:09pm Friday 9th Mar
Off to japan tomorrow koimasters 7:34pm Sunday 4th Mar
Small koi £15 each. koimasters 11:16am Yesterday

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 8:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Incredible 14TB 8:36pm Wednesday 4th Apr
What a wonderful sportsman. 14TB 11:47pm Monday 23rd Apr
Another first 14TB 10:35pm Monday 23rd Apr
Fairburn Ings this evening JIMMY/S 10:01pm Saturday 14th Apr
Sheffield Rivlin Valley 14TB 11:06pm Thursday 19th Apr
Day out with my new camera JIMMY/S 8:21pm Sunday 8th Apr
Pensioner held after fatally wounding . 14TB 2:53pm Wednesday 4th Apr
A promising result. 14TB 10:32pm Friday 23rd Mar
Scotland visit voodoo_15_uk 4:09pm Tuesday 13th Mar
Ken Dodd 14TB 11:23pm Monday 12th Mar
Shame its not the final. 14TB 1:58pm Friday 16th Mar
Snow 14TB 11:02pm Tuesday 27th Feb
another powerstation to close 14TB 11:50pm Friday 2nd Feb
Cannot be right 14TB 10:16pm Tuesday 20th Feb

3 members here now - kcolly, koimelvyn, Koiman123

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