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"Kiyomizu a new food" 6:54pm Friday 7th Sep
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I stock all three sizes .

Junior is specifically targeted at smaller koi to say 35 cm,it supports very good growth and body structure building,utilises mannan oligosaccharide as an additive.Do a google search to see documented benefits in aquaculture.

Adult is aimed at koi 35 to 60 cm in size and is geared to supporting growth whilst maintaining shape and developing colour.

Jumbo is geared to maintaining shape and skin in older koi,should help improve the drab look that you see on many larger koi.

I will do my best to offer this superb new product at the best price possible (like all my dry goods),i have tried it on my smaller tosai (the few i have left)and they eat it with gusto,mind you i can say that with most quality foods as that is what healthy koi do.

regards chris m.


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"RE: Kiyomizu a new food" 8:16pm Saturday 15th Sep

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Watched Chris feeding this along with his other varied diet items.(Am going to give mine a treat of very sweet ripe pears as a trial).

The koi were eating with gusto and they are certainly not underfed.Will be interesting to see how people get on with it.

I am still a SAKI HIKARI user but the cost does hurt.


tancho showa

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"RE: Kiyomizu a new food" 7:06pm Wednesday 19th Sep
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Hi Chris
How much is the Adult food please and what size does it come in ?
Regards Paul

Tancho showa

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