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YKS moderator team..
"June Newsletter" 4:48pm Friday 8th Jun

joined: 10th Oct 02
last here: 11:29pm Sunday 2nd Sep
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from: York, UK

Get it here

thanks, Laura!

Site admin


YKS moderator team..
"RE: June Newsletter" 6:45pm Friday 8th Jun
joined: 18th Sep 04
last here: 8:15pm Thursday 20th Sep
posts: 1381
from: yorkshire

Probably the best one yet Laura a great read and some stunning photos to back it up



YKS club member
"RE: June Newsletter" 7:41pm Friday 8th Jun
joined: 22nd Apr 14
last here: 9:48am Today
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i echo waynes comments,very good.


YKS club member
"RE: June Newsletter" 11:20pm Friday 8th Jun

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 2:02pm Friday 21st Sep
posts: 5817

Superb Laura,
Really enjoyed reading it,you do our members, sponsors and forum members proud with the efforts that you put in on our behalf.

Well done.



YKS club member
"RE: June Newsletter" 3:03pm Saturday 9th Jun
joined: 16th Jul 06
last here: 4:43pm Today
posts: 343
from: Yorkshire

Excellent. Great job Laura.

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pauland sue

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"RE: June Newsletter" 4:01pm Saturday 9th Jun
joined: 7th Jan 11
last here: 10:38am Wednesday 19th Sep
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from: leeds

well done cracking read

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"RE: June Newsletter" 4:41pm Saturday 9th Jun

joined: 30th Jun 11
last here: 3:35pm Today
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from: Halifax

Great read again Laura

YKS moderator team..
"RE: June Newsletter" 11:17pm Saturday 9th Jun

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 3:18pm Today
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from: West Yorkshire

Very good Laura as usual great reading.

greysg"RE: June Newsletter" 8:43pm Sunday 10th Jun

joined: 13th Nov 03
last here: 10:46pm Thursday 20th Sep
posts: 1111
from: Tyne & Wear

Enjoyed Reading your news letter Laura...well done.

Stephen & Anthony

Steven Doneena

YKS club member
"RE: June Newsletter" 9:23pm Sunday 10th Jun
joined: 20th Feb 17
last here: 10:11am Today
posts: 22

Thanks for the newsletter good read

YKS moderator team..
"RE: June Newsletter" 8:37am Monday 11th Jun

joined: 8th Nov 12
last here: 11:35am Yesterday
posts: 690
from: York

Thanks all, appreciate your comments



YKS club member
"RE: June Newsletter" 3:15am Wednesday 13th Jun
joined: 23rd Jun 13
last here: 9:54pm Friday 21st Sep
posts: 149
from: Bradford.

Now that was excellent.
Well done Laura.

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