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"Sheffield Rivlin Valley " 10:06pm Thursday 19th Apr

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Sheffield Rivlin Valley ,

Walked this for the first time this week a lovely walk ,with lots of flowing water and history of the Sheffield cutlery grinding industry.

Sadly have lived in South York's for about 40 years, never been before on the walk before ,highly recommended.



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"RE: Sheffield Rivlin Valley" 8:46pm Saturday 21st Apr
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from: Wakefield

Hi Tony looks very nice when your working you dont have time. These are our golden years you see more and enjoy the things you never saw before. Im just the same now I see things I never saw before and their on my doorstep. Enjoy


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"RE: Sheffield Rivlin Valley" 9:04pm Saturday 21st Apr

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Looks a good spot Tony, Looks quite popular as well.


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