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Mick1912"Winter feeding" 3:47pm Friday 5th Jan

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from: North Notts

could I ask what the general consensus is - on feeding over winter in an unheated pond?


shelfbantam"RE: Winter feeding" 7:30pm Friday 5th Jan
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Hi Mick I have been feeding mine when the temps are over 5 but only giving them small amounts.

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"RE: Winter feeding" 8:50pm Friday 5th Jan

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Most will say under 8 deg don't feed and under 12 deg wheat germ, Not sure if there is any real proof this is correct as wild carp don't have the choice and fishermen still catch them in low temps.

I don't drop below 12 deg now & I am trialling feeding wheat germ all year round just as a project.
Before I heated I used to feed if the fish would take it and use the rule if any food is still floating in the pond after 5 mins you have given too much, your fish will show no interest if the temp is too low and conserve energy by keeping dormant (Hate it when I visit ponds and see loads of swollen uneaten food hanging around the pond).

If you are unheated try to insulate as much as possible air pumps I would say are not really necessary at low temps as they can chill with cold air water retains oxygen saturation better at low temps, keep pumps running through filters and UVs on they will generate slight heat, Try to avoid water passing through cold air ie waterfalls showers ( would insulate showers) and if poss sheet the pond with a gap for gassing. I fully sheet night time and slide back one sheet slightly through the day.

Please don't take this as gospel this is just my way.

Regards Jim

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"RE: Winter feeding" 11:27pm Friday 5th Jan

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Hi Mick,

Hope you and Sally are well.

Have you covered your pond? its the best way to stop wind chill and will make a big difference.

The accepted norm is not to feed under 8c,I have been feeding at 6c small amounts of autumn feed or wheatgerm.

My view is if the koi are active and looking for food they are using energy so need to replenish it.

As Jim says if they don't take the food do get rid of it.

Also best to feed in the morning when the temp is more likely to rise.

Just my opinion ,but I think it gives the koi a better chance in the spring.

I have a few tosai in the pond that seem fine but still 4 or 5 months of winter to go .

P.s. if it gets really very cold water changes can help raise the temp.

have sent you an e'mail Tony


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