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"My autumn arrivals" 9:20pm Saturday 9th Dec
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!0 more days and out of quarantine,second heat ramp to 27 degrees to be held at that for 3 days and then down to 16 ready for release.

shiro okawa bred very good 2 both female £495.
mukashi ogon okawa bred very good 3 all female£495.
Yamabuki bred by izumiya exceptional 3 all female £495.
Ai goromo bred by izumiya,small but nice,bargain at £395
male kohaku 49 and 54 cm respectively suetsugu bred stunning koi £695.
female sanke suetsugu bred £795 very nice will out show more expensive koi.
Female gin rin kohaku ueno bred, stunning,hopefully sold.

shiro bekko 65cm,modern style heavier sumi,shiroji snow like a body to die for.

Many small koi fromTHIS YEAR,kohaku,sanke,showa ginrin showa £15 better than a lot of show and grow koi.

Some very nice marachiku bred This year tosai shiro utsuri,hi quality.

14 small green house grown nissai from suetsugu,very high quality,all at £295,all with certificate of production.

Regards chris m.



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"RE: My autumn arrivals" 12:01am Monday 11th Dec

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I have seen these they look stunning shame my pictures are no good.



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"RE: My autumn arrivals" 10:57pm Monday 18th Dec

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Had a look yesterday some nice fish there Chris.


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