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EVENTS 2018 voodoo_15_uk 9:26pm Saturday 2nd Jun
posting pics JIMMY/S 8:23pm Friday 2nd Oct
Todays meeting 14TB 5:40pm Yesterday
1st winter meeting Sun 18 Nov JIMMY/S 11:12pm Sunday 4th Nov
4 inch rubber 90 question dave23869 10:28pm Saturday 10th Nov
Sad news JIMMY/S 12:32pm Monday 22nd Oct
YKS Christmas Dinner Dec 2nd 2018 JIMMY/S 5:05pm Tuesday 6th Nov
Last supper Steven Doneena 1:24am Monday 22nd Oct
Koi In Crete 14TB 8:10pm Friday 2nd Nov
Water level in drum with pumps on dave23869 11:40am Wednesday 31st Oct
kc-10 drum advice andikoi 9:30pm Sunday 28th Oct
ub60 savo 9:05pm Monday 29th Oct
Midi Sieve advice stevep 5:12pm Thursday 25th Oct
Lost my best fish dave23869 9:53pm Tuesday 23rd Oct
Only insulation and glassing needed now! robholmes 6:58pm Friday 5th Oct

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 7:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 7:13pm Wednesday 19th Nov
Koi for sale sid49 6:04am Today
Show quality koi for sale Herts. 14TB 11:05pm Friday 9th Nov
30w uv and easypod for sale bobm 12:47pm Friday 16th Nov
Quarantine tank wanted robbie666 9:48pm Tuesday 13th Nov
wanted yamitsu 55 watt electrics or uv parr4 7:36pm Wednesday 10th Oct
Various items for sale bigmac191 5:46pm Saturday 10th Nov
Koi For Sale AnthonyG 9:00pm Monday 12th Nov
Big Blue pauland sue 2:03pm Wednesday 7th Nov
Superfish pond eco pumps for sale kcolly 1:33pm Wednesday 24th Oct
Very high quality Japanese style panel 14TB 11:16pm Friday 9th Nov
pond fillers for sale 14TB 11:42pm Friday 9th Nov
Evolution aqua eazypod auto Stevegill 6:34am Thursday 8th Nov
Koi Books For Sale charlie-chag 3:21pm Wednesday 7th Nov

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 2:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 2:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Quarantine Tank bazkoi 9:28am Saturday 17th Nov
5 kg Fuyifuji cool weather food £19.99 koimasters 7:57pm Monday 12th Nov
New koi at Koimasters koimasters 7:37pm Thursday 15th Nov
A19 Drums voodoo_15_uk 5:11pm Wednesday 24th Oct
Free small koi idealto grow in aquarium koimasters 7:04pm Friday 9th Nov
Pond Heating kitsu 12:28pm Wednesday 7th Nov
Special offers. koimasters 10:09am Wednesday 31st Oct
Ogata koi auction koimasters 10:00am Wednesday 31st Oct
New koi online NOW kitsu 11:59am Monday 29th Oct
Video bazkoi 4:57pm Sunday 14th Oct
Day 1 of our 2018 Autumn Harvest kitsu 8:35pm Monday 15th Oct
My new tosai,nissai and azukari koi. koimasters 7:46pm Today
2018 Autumn Harvest Trip kitsu 8:01pm Friday 12th Oct

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 7:28pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
bonsai sale 40% off 17th / 18th Nov RoyH 5:06pm Tuesday 13th Nov
Country file coming to Yorkshire. 14TB 9:55pm Wednesday 7th Nov
Good day at Fairburn JIMMY/S 5:12pm Saturday 3rd Nov
Old Yorkshire rules 14TB 4:48pm Saturday 13th Oct
Trip to Northumberland JIMMY/S 10:03pm Tuesday 2nd Oct
great start to football season 14TB 7:58pm Saturday 15th Sep
Coca cola should sponsor these 14TB 10:44pm Yesterday
Look at these two in field just beyond g dave23869 6:31pm Tuesday 7th Aug
well done Rotherham 14TB 4:56pm Sunday 27th May
koi herpes experiment in Australia RoyH 7:28am Friday 4th May
Reading treat JIMMY/S 11:02pm Sunday 22nd Jul
How unlucky were japan dave23869 8:19pm Monday 2nd Jul
Peacocks at Ruffin castle 14TB 8:26pm Friday 27th Apr
Look at this girl sunbathing JIMMY/S 7:59pm Sunday 24th Jun

Koi Health
Parasite Articles A-Z voodoo_15_uk 10:43pm Saturday 26th May
a good broad range treatment 14TB 11:10pm Saturday 2nd Jun
malachite green and Formalin introubleagain 7:47pm Monday 6th Aug
Virkon Mick1912 1:46pm Today
white spot pauland sue 12:02pm Tuesday 3rd Jul

3 members here now - sid49, sarg, Knutton01

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